FilmoTec GmbH continues to produce a variety of film photographic film products from a factory Wolfen, Germany where they have been since 1910. ORWO Universal Negative (UN) film 54 and Negative (N) 74 plus are of particular interest to still film photographers. UN54 (EI 100/21º) is a panchromatic medium speed Black-and-white film that can be processed to produce reversals or direct positives. N74 is a high-speed (EI 400 /27º) black-and-white panchromatic film. Both deliver an exceptional classic film look (as one would expect from classic films). 

 FOMA BOHEMIA spol. s.r.o.(Ltd.) has been producing traditional B&W photographic emulsions and supplies since 1921.  Their current offerings include Fomapan 100 Classic (EI 100/21º), Fomapan 200 Creative (EI 200/24º), Fomapan 400 Action (EI 400/27º), Retropan 320 soft (IE 320/26) - a special B&W negative film), and Fomapan R 100 movie. One of my favorite emulsions, and low cost. A truly great film, from a classic company, at a great value. 

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