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Pan F Plus 50 in Perceptol 1+1 with a Full-strength Oopsie.

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Film: Ilford Pan F Plus 50 ISO

Developer: Ilford Perceptol 1+1 *

Camera: ‘70s Olympus OM2

Ilford Pan F Plus 50 is one of my favorite black and white slow-speed “summer" films. Yes, Alaskans relate everything to season.

In my experience, this emulsion produces sharp, high contrast black and white images with a nice fine grain. Here I’ve combined it with one of my favorite developers, Ilford Perceptol.

Perceptol is an extra fine grain powder solvent developer that is known for producing sharp enlargements with great definition and detail. One does experience a slight speed loss - up to one stop in my experience. In reality, I usually shoot this film at the box speed of 50 ISO and develop either at full strength (which produces the finest grain) or 1+1. I find 1+1 provides a nice compromise between grain size and contrast.

*Although this image turned out well as far as I’m concerned, I made a mistake during development. Where I intended to develop in a 1+1 perceptol solution, I ended up starting with stock solution by accident. I had the stock warming in a water bath with some other developer solutions I’d already mixed. The first ± 30 seconds of development for this roll was in stock solution with no agitation. This was poured out turned into a 1+1 solution, and quickly returned to the Patterson tank to continue development almost immediately when I realized my mistake and came up with and executed a new plan.

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